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Ok ok, considering this is brand new blog that I haven’t told anyone about “Hello World” may be a bit much.  Hows Hello myself and maybe one random internet goer who likes checking out the last page of results from Google. 

Getting down to business I guess this is when I introduce myself to everyone.  I’m an undead mage, on a high pop US server.  Currently speced fire for raiding, but I constantly respec for whatever the current FotM highest DPS spec is (looks like I’m going back to Arcane in 4.1).  I’m an officer in a very casual 10 man guild.  We’ve killed Halfus and the twin dragons in BoT, and Magemaw, Omnomnom, and Maloriak in BWD.  Honestly I’m getting frustrated with our 10 man progression.  My main issue is we’re just not getting enough attendance to actually get raids off the ground.  On any given signup date we have about a 1:3 shot of actually getting to raid that night.  This has led me to start browsing some recruitment threads in various places.  I’m currently checking out 25 man guilds, having that large raid size seems like it would make the encounters feel more awesome.  However, I’m not sure I want to leave my current guild, I’ve made some very good friends there, and obviously a /gquit would put a pretty big damper on most of those relationships.  Don’t want to ramble about this too much for my first post so I guess I’ll leave it at that for now. 

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